Sprayable Application
The sprayable rubber adhesives are blends of Natural and synthetic rubber in compatible eco-friendly solvents. These types of sprayable rubber based adhesives are used in fast application line where the time for assembly is very short such as;
Car upholstery Office Chair assembly
Carpet Fixing Insulation
Brushable Application
The   brush able rubber based adhesive are necessarily synthetic rubber in compatible eco-friendly solvent. The adhesives are used in many applications such as;
Lather articles such as purse, belt, office and traveling bags etc.    
Footwear Industry    
Lather Upholstery  
Polyurethane Adhesives for Footwear
We manufacture a complete range of Polyurethane adhesives and its allied products under the brand name ” TURBOCOL APU ” For footwear industry. These adhesives are used mentality as with the help of applications to fix different types of shoes soles to the uppers. Footwear industry. These adhesives are used manually as well as with the help of applicators to fix different types of shoe soles to the uppers. These adhesives are eco-friendly and are used to manufacture Formal shoes, sport shoes and ladies footwear. We manufacture following types of Polyurethane adhesives along with its allied products.
High performance Polyurethane adhesives for branded formal and sports shoes Compatible Hardeners
Economical Polyurethane adhesives for regular Footwear Primers For EVA and TPR soles

We manufacture Wood Working Adhesives under the brands such as “ TURBOCOLSH ® ” , "WOODCOLSH ® "& ” EUROCOLSH ™ ” which are sold through Distributors and Dealers. We also make speciality Wood Working Adhesives for “ COLD WATER REDISTANCE & HOT WATER RESISTANCE ” application.

These adhesive are used for Book Binding application using cold process which is generally done with the help of “ KOLBUS MACHINES ” We manufactures adhesive for following applications.
Adhesives for Spine binding    
Fast setting adhesives for bonding Filmic Substrates to Paper/Board    

We manufacture variety of PSA ranging from permanent to peelables under the brand name “ TURBOSTIC ® ” These adhesives are generally applied and cured over a silicone coated liner which is then Laminated to the “ FACE ” paper to from a Laminate which is usually called as “ Sticker ” . We manufacture following types of PSA ’ s.

Permanet PSA;s for the general labeling application Removable PSA ’ s for peelable application
Deep Freeze PSA ’ s for cold condition application Clear PSA ’ s for “ No-lable ” application