Paver Tiles & Blocks
  - High early strength & much faster curing
  - Faster & easier de-molding from rubber     molds along with superior surface finish
  - Almost zero breakage of edges
  - Proper forming of spacers
PCC Poles
  - High early strength can help de-mold the   poles within 24-36 Hrs.
RCC & Pre-cast Pipes
Ready Mix Concrete
  - 28th day strength of slabs, columns can     be achieved in 7 days
  - Extra strength can be compensated by       reducing almost 10%Cement
  - High Water reduction helps in gaining         higher & early Strength.
Cement concrete chemicals
  Melamine based Super plasticizer for Concrete.
  It is an acrylic polymer for Glossy Hard Finish for Cement Tiles & Paver Blocks